GTA Online

GTA Online has been the bread and butter of my youtube & streaming content since 2013. Its popularity has certainly helped my channel and my passion for motorsport and accurate scientific vehicle testing has allowed me to carve a niche in this huge game's community.


GTA vehicle testing

Testing every single vehicle in such a vast game as GTA for lap time and top speed is a monumental task, but is one that has led to my channel being a success.


Gfred & MCEC

One is a cannonball run full of randomness, with the other a huge serious racing event. Both have given me some of my best videos, and more info can be seen on their own pages.


Live Racing Series

I’ve done a lot of racing on GTA over the years and these series best collect the different styles we’ve done, from high level events to crazy rage-inducing races.


Vehicle Facts & Fact-Finding

Going hand in hand with vehicle speed testing, these information-based series explore the inner workings of cars and GTA as a whole with interesting facts & figures.


Live Series

All "live" series showcase live stream moments. The now-defunct Live series included random experiences, but the Content Creator series still continues with weekly streams.


Discussion Series

This series has always been about just me and a microphone, talking about the game.



GTA Online (Old Gen)

Fastest Cars.jpg

Original Testing

Where it all started - this was the first testing of its kind and led to my channel being found by a lot of people.

10. GTA Online Racing (2).png

Early Regular Series

These original series on lasted for a year and would form the basis of some of the series above as I was finding my feet and experimenting with how I wanted to run my channel.

GTA 100% Completion.png

Random Videos

Another way for me to experiment, these videos would be the kind that would later end up on my second channel.