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I started making YouTube videos regularly in 2012 and have continued to grow that channel alongside Twitch streaming, social media, and other communities.

This website serves as your one stop shop for all things Broughy1322, where I'll link everything you could possibly need if you've come across my content.



Where it all started. Find out more about my channel and see listings of all the series I've made over the years.


This section contains all the info you could need for my live streams, such as schedule, emotes, sounds, and more!

Social Media

As you may expect I try to be on many Social Media platforms. Check them out here and follow if you want more.

Get Involved

Join my discord, get involved with a racing community, or join my live stream sessions. All the info is here.


Looking for spreadsheets or GTA track links? This is the place to go and contains all the links you need.


I host a bi-weekly podcast talking about cars, gaming, GTA, racing, and many other things. Check it out here.


If you've ever wanted a Gfred mug or a Scumbag T-Shirt this is the place to go! Check back for frequent sales.


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