RP System

The term “RP” comes from the Reputation ranking system in GTA Online, and is also a part of my streams.

You gain 1 RP for every minute spent watching my streams live. By watching all streams you can gain approximately 3,600 RP per month. You do not gain any RP watching VODs.

There are two counts - Total RP and Usable RP - and they serve very different functions.

Total RP

Total RP is unaffected by anything but the amount of time spent watching streams. It continues to rise at the rate of 1 every minute and essentially just logs the amount of time you’ve spent watching me. When you reach 7,200 RP you’re considered a “regular” and can ask for the Regular role on Discord, giving you extra Twitch chat permissions and a permanent place in the GTA Online crew.

Usable RP

Usable RP is reset at the start of each month. Subscribers on Twitch can use their Usable RP to affect my own RP score by typing, for example, “+100 broughyRP” or “-62 broughyRP”, in chat during streams (this uses the RP emote, hence why it is only available to subscribers). This will change my overall RP count which can be seen just above the table below, as well as my RP count for that stream & month. You can reward me if I do something good, punish me for something bad, or just be a scumbag and do whatever you feel like regardless!

You can however only use RP you’ve earned to give or take RP from me. Once you’re out you’ll have to wait to get some more, again at a rate of 1 per minute. There are some extra ways to add to your Usable RP count though, including:

  • Subscribing on Twitch - Each month you subscribe adds an extra 500 RP.

  • Giving Gift Subscriptions - Each subscription you give adds an extra 500 RP.

  • Donating Via Streamlabs - Each cent donated adds an extra 1 RP.

  • Cheering With Bits - Each bit used adds an extra 1 RP.


Below is the leaderboard that contains the RP count for everyone who has watched at least 1 minute of my Twitch streams while logged in. You can use the search bar to easily find your username and see what your Total RP and Usable RP are.

If you change your Twitch username you will begin to accrue points from scratch on your new name - they will not merge automatically. If you’d like to ensure your points from your old name are transferred over, please post in the #help-and-support channel of my Discord server and mods will be able to make this change for you.