Multi-Class Endurance Championship

The MCEC is a huge serious racing event in GTA Online modelled on races like Le Mans and championships like the WEC, spanning 5 seasons over 6 years. With some incredible racing and tight championship battles, these videos are some of the best on my channel.



Season One

It all began with such simple thoughts - a group of racing enthusiasts enjoying a great format. Debuting on PS3 & 360, nobody could have imagined what it would become.


Season Two

Things got more serious for season two as it expanded to 10 rounds with in depth video reviews. Separate events were held on other platforms at various stages too.


Season Three

Season three was the first time the championship was held on all three new-gen platforms simultaneously, which stretched things to breaking point.


Season Four

Now fully in its stride, season four allowed the MCEC to experiment a little more in order to improve the show with pit stops and more track variety.

Season Five (Coming FEB 2020…)

The final season of the MCEC on GTA 5 was a swansong to the championship and wrapped things up perfectly, incorporating all the best parts of the first four seasons.