Other Videos

Some series just don't fit into any other form of categorisation, and two of the series here are rather old. One contains all my old (2006-2008) gaming videos that were made before I started commentaries, and the other is the first series I made when I did start speaking.


The Choking Hazard Podcast

My co-hosts Sugar Free Nos, RDT33 and I talk to a number of guests and about a variety of topics every two weeks.


Introductory Series & Updates

My very first video in which I spoke is in this series, as are more recent random updates that don't fit elsewhere.

7. GT5 Prologue - I Challenge You! - F1 Ferrari F2007 Race.mpg_snapshot_04.22.jpg

Old Gaming Videos

This series contains a number of gaming videos from as far back as 2006, years before I started making regular videos.