Second Channel

My second YouTube channel is called Broughy's Random Bits & Let's Plays. It initially started out as just Random Bits but has grown to contain let's plays of a variety of games, full races & funny moments, and is in general a place where I can post things with more freedom.


Twitch Highlights & Game Clips

The essence of the second channel, these playlists contain hilarious moments and short clips that aren't appropriate for a main channel, but are worth showcasing anyway.


Complete Races

Sometimes a short clip isn't enough, but a certain race isn't the right fit or just doesn't work on the main channel. That's where these playlists come in.

36. Slow-Mo The Slow-Mo II (Amazing Stream Highlight) [Moment].mp4_snapshot_03.19.655.jpg

Live Stream Footage

From complete live streams to long & short moments that I simply would rather keep around for future entertainment, they're all here.



I prefer not to make unboxing videos on the main channel as I'd rather make a full review instead, but I'm happy to put them up on the second channel when they happen.


Random Videos

The main channel isn't the place for quick random vlogs or on-the-go live streams, or small video clips of motorsport events, but the second channel is perfect for it!

Fastest Cars.jpg

Let's Plays

These became so prevalent on the second channel that I just had to change the name. A variety of games awaits.