Broughy1322 GTA Stream Crew & How To Play

Most of the time that I stream on Twitch you can use the 1322 crew to join my GTA games (I don’t add people to friends lists). This crew is only used for streams and there’s no benefit to being in it when I’m not streaming, however details on how to gain a permanent crew place anyway are listed on this page, with FiveM whitelist info at the bottom.

When You Can Join

  • If the 1322 crew is closed: DON’T request an invite. It will not be accepted and it will stop you from joining the crew when it’s opened. Not all streams will be open to all.

  • If the 1322 crew is open: Click join and set it as your active crew, then follow the instructions below. All newly joined members will be kicked out at the end of every stream.

How To Get In A Session

Usually I will create a crew-only free roam session and when this happens you should do the following in GTA Online, after making sure the 1322 crew is set as your active crew: Pause -> Online -> Crews -> Broughy1322 Scumbags -> View Members -> Broughy1322 -> Join Game. If you can’t find my name keep an eye on the screen on stream to find others who have managed to get in the session, find their names, and join them. I will also send out invites to crew members whilst we’re in a job but of course the majority will have gotten into the original free roam session so places will be more limited.


Keep In Mind

Please be aware that being in the crew is no guarantee of getting into a session or receiving invites to jobs. I do my best to give everyone a fair chance but there are often more people wanting in than places. And sometimes Rockstar flat out refuses to send invites to people or allow people to join due to connection issues. There’s nothing I can do about this, so I apologise on Rockstar’s behalf for their broken invite/crew/lobby system. Also, most of the races we do will be considered “proper” racing - that is following the racing rules outlined here. Anyone going against the rules consistently will be kicked and/or banned from the crew regardless of whether you have a permanent place or not. Play nice.

Getting A Permanent Crew Place

There are some very quick ways to get a permanent place in the crew for the times we do closed crew streams, and others that take a little longer, but I’ll explain them all here for those who are interested. A permanent crew place is meant to be for those who are most involved/supportive of the streams.

Permanent crew spots are managed via my Discord server. If you think you have fulfilled the requirements below and are eligible for a permanent crew spot, head over to my server here: and read the welcome thread which will contain instructions to follow, then post in the #help-and-support room to get your place. The kind mods there will help you out and promote you to a representative in the crew, ensuring you never get kicked at the end of a stream.

Twitch Subscribers
One of the perks of being a subscriber to me on Twitch, in addition to all the emotes and special discord room, is a permanent place in the crew. Probably the easiest way of getting this if you frequent my streams.

YouTube Channel Members
Alongside all the other bonuses, one of the features of being a channel member on YouTube is getting a permanent crew place. To find out more on being a YouTube Channel Member head here for all the benefits.

Patreon Supporters
Those who choose to support me on Patreon also get the benefits of being a subscriber on Twitch, including a permanent crew spot. Link your Patreon account to Discord by following the instructions here.

To be honest there’s no official or hard wired rule for this, but if you regularly show your support for my work via standard donations then it helps me just as much as the above two categories. Just ask about it on Discord.

Regular Viewers
In my Twitch streams we use a tool to monitor the amount of time people spend watching me. As soon as you accumulate 7,200 points via that system you’re considered a “regular”, with one of the benefits of that being a permanent place in the crew. You can find out more information, and check your points, here. This is easily the longest way to do it but is also the “free” way for those who support by way of simply watching <3


Final Note

Of course as always nobody ever has to do any of this. I’m just happy you guys enjoy watching me if you do, and I’ll always have streams where I open the crew to everyone anyway. This is just making sure that those who do want to support further, have better/more chances to get in sessions, or those more involved in general know all the ways that can be done. Thanks everyone. Hope this clears things up :) <3

FiveM: Project Homecoming

When I play on the Project Homecoming FiveM server I will usually apply one of two “whitelists”. These work in exactly the same way as mentioned above for the GTA crew, with one whitelist (1322) being accessible by only Regulars, Twitch Subscribers, YouTube Members, and Patreon Supporters, and the other (1322+) being open to everyone who is a member of my Discord.

To get on the whitelist so you can access the server when they’re active, head over to the Project Homecoming Discord and follow the instructions in the #faq channel for gaining the Steam role. Once you’ve done that you should then type !roles in the #charlie channel to also gain the 1322 or 1322+ role in the Project Homecoming discord if you’re eligible, and be automatically added to the relevant whitelist for the server.

Proper Racing Events

Races I do on stream are not serious races and although we encourage proper racing following the rules, they’re not competitive and only happen when I’m streaming. If you want to get involved in proper racing with others in general & participate in events then go here instead to get involved with NoDo. There are other proper racing crews out there as well.