Gfred is a point to point race with checkpoints scattered all around the map, and became much bigger than I ever imagined. Initially made as a random experiment, it evolved to contain so many different facets over the years. Its randomness is still entertaining.


What Is Gfred?

A one-off video as part of the GTA Discussion series talking about the origins of Gfred and what on earth is it.


Gfreds By Year

There have been over 100 Gfreds across both my main and second channels in different series. The easiest way to catch up is to watch them in these year-specific playlists.


Gfreds By Channel

Apart from the one-off Gfreds that are part of some main channel highlight videos, most Gfreds can be found in either of the below playlists.


Gfred Celebrations 2018

A special weekend of streams to celebrate uploading 100 Gfreds to the second channel.


Track links to play Gfred yourself can be found on the following page.

Gfred Rules

  1. No weapons to be used at all.

  2. No killing/hitting anyone else.

  3. Must run to the freeway unaided.

  4. Must get a car on the freeway.

  5. Cars only (no bikes/quads/planes, etc).

  6. If you accidentally kill someone you must wait for them.

  7. If you die on the freeway you may use your cycle to get back there.

  8. [Snowfreds only] Infernus, 9F & Sultan are banned.

Gfred Merch

Get the classic Gfred logo or the artistic final parachute jump image on T-Shirts, mugs, phone cases & more at

Gfred Bingo

You achieve "Bingo" when you get a full line of cards filled, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Generate a new bingo card at

Gfred Drinking Game

  1. Have a drink of your choice.

  2. Take a sip/shot when Broughy chokes.

  3. If Broughy dies and is forced to respawn, down your drink.

  4. If Broughy finishes the race without blowing up, take a double-down to celebrate.

  5. If Broughy is the first one to blow up, drink all the alcohol you can find.

  6. Enjoy! (created by Askorbiini - alcohol not required, be responsible, have fun).