Support Me

There are many free, semi-free, and paid ways to support not only me but any of your favourite content creators. I listed them all in an article I wrote which you can find here. This page will list the main ways you can support me, my channels and my content if you want to take that extra step. None of this is ever required though - I appreciate you simply watching <3


Patreon is a service which allows me to offer a variety of perks/rewards for those who want to give a monthly contribution. These rewards vary and exist for any donation level, from $1 to $50. Some rewards include getting GTA car testing results early, gaining access to written update posts, and getting more discord roles & permissions. Feel free to check out the site for the full list of rewards.

Twitch Subscription

Subscriptions on Twitch are another monthly service which offers things specific to the live streamer being subscribed to. These include badges next to a person's name in chat, a variety of emotes to use across Twitch, and messages on screen when subscribing if done when the streamer is live. Amazon Prime/Video accounts can also be linked to give users a free Twitch sub every month.

YouTube Membership

Memberships on YouTube are comparatively new, but offer a similar experience to that of Patreon & Twitch. Incorporating the same monthly subscription price and name badge/emotes from Twitch, and the ability to receive perks/rewards each month from Patreon, this could be the best option for those who want a bit of both but don't want to use a different site to show support.


Primarily used on live streams, these one-off donations have the ability to display messages on screen when I'm streaming. They can also be used as simple one-off donations if you want to support at any time.


Support doesn’t have to be monetary. If you enjoy one of my videos leave a like or comment. Follow and turn on notifications for streams & videos. Leave videos and ads to play all the way through. Follow and interact on social media. Little things like that can make a big difference to the success of videos and channel as a whole.


Sponsors help me in a variety of ways, whether it's sending me useful products, supporting me financially, or offering promotion. Showing support for any of my sponsors will let them know that I was worth their time.

If you’d like to send anything my way the details of my PO Box can be found here.