I've done a lot since 2012, and whilst the YouTube section of this site can link you to every single video I've ever made, and the Twitch section can give you all the info you need about my live streams, there are some things that don't fit neatly into a specific section. That's what this page is for. Whether you're after spreadsheets or track links, you should be covered here.

GTA Car Info Spreadsheet

My vehicle testing in GTA is not just confined to video form. I've used all my lap times and other vehicle info to create a master spreadsheet with all the values you may ever need.

GTA Racing Circuits

I've created a number of tracks on GTA over the years and they've been constantly updated. Their current forms can all be found by clicking the button below.


The Stewards Room
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GTA 5 Vehicle Costs Analysis
Spreadsheet | Video

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