Gears Of War

This is where the new phase of my channel started. I was really into Gears Of War 3 back in 2011 & 2012, and it was how I discovered the world of gameplay commentaries on YouTube. I decided to start creating my own videos and the rest is history.


Gear Of War 3 Live

This series happened later than the originals and showed what typical GoW 3 sessions with friends were like.


Gears Of War 3

These were, along with Forza Flashbacks, the first series I made on my channel. You can see early signs of my current style of video making here.

6. GoW J Gameplay (2).jpg

Gears Of War Judgement

Gears Judgement wasn't anywhere near as successful or as good as Gears 3, so it didn't last too long on my channel, but I still made videos as I honed my skills.


Gears Of War Ultimate Edition

I attempted to revive Gears on my channel with this but it just wasn't the same. Still some good videos though!


Gears Of War Let’s Plays

Many years after I started my 1st channel with Gears I decided to play through all the games on my 2nd channel.