Get Involved

Throughout my time making videos I’ve not only tried to create entertaining content, but also cultivate communities. I've managed to successfully do this on multiple fronts, and this page lets you know how to get involved in any of those communities if it's something you're interested in.


My discord server has grown from a simple extension of my Twitch chat to become a community of supporters and like minded people to chat together, with many roles, channels, info and ways to keep informed.

live streams

When I play games on live streams I usually play with viewers, especially when playing GTA. With a small bit of reading to understand how, anyone can get involved and play along! Just click below to find out how.

Nonchalant Dominance

Starting as my GTA racing crew in 2013, Nonchalant Dominance is now its own community. If you want to get involved in organised racing events this is the place to be. Though still its founder, I no longer run NoDo.