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Gfred rules - No weapons or killing; Cars only (no bikes, planes, etc); Must run to freeway before getting a car; Wait for someone if you accidentally kill them. Fddrrtgg. Click here for more explanation on what Gfred is, and here for a list of community "fred" races.

Drag Kings Of Los Santos

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So you work at the Lifeinvader offices and need to get to Los Santos Customs and back in your lunch break? Why not invite a few friends along to make things more interesting... Inspired by the Drag Kings track from GTA IV. My first ever created track, made on the day the creator was released in 2013.

Los Santos GP Classic

Reminisce about the good old days as you traverse the old configuration of the Los Santos Grand Prix circuit. Barriers have been removed and crossovers reinstated so be wary of poles, signs, and other drivers as you fly through the tunnel at high speeds. Remember - those coming out of the tunnel always have right of way. Be careful out there!

The North Loop Classic

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This is The North Loop in its most raw form. Minimal props, all lines open, and ripe for hotlapping. This still maintains the original layout from when The North Loop was first conceived back on Xbox 360.

Lucky Jim's Rallycross

Watch this space ;)