Broughy1322 Gfred Celebrations 2018

UPDATE: Stream complete! You can see the full 49 hours below (48 hours in Part 1, 1 hour in Part 2), preserved on my Twitch channel for future enjoyment. The rest of this page will be left as it was when these celebrations were ongoing.

During the final weekend of 2018 every Gfred on my second channel (and a few extras) will be streamed back to back over 46 hours. The stream will end with a live playing of the very first “Lapfred”, which is multiple Gfred laps in one race.

This is all being done to celebrate reaching 100 Gfreds uploaded to my second channel, with the aforementioned Lapfred being number 100. I will be popping in to the stream at various moments throughout the weekend, which I’ll communicate on Twitter and my Discord server around an hour before each appearance. I may also pop in for a few minutes at random times :)

There will also be a giveaway to win a Gfred T-Shirt after the Lapfred is over, and the full schedule of events can be seen below. Click the button below to go straight to the stream.


All times are UK time. For more details see here.

  • 28th Dec (Friday) - 10pm to 11:30pm - Stream starts with 3 main channel Gfreds.

  • 28th Dec (Friday) - 11:30pm to 12am - The first second channel Gfred (1).

  • 29th Dec (Saturday) - 12am to 8:30am - 2016 Gfreds (2-19), ending with the first snowfreds.

  • 29th Dec (Saturday) - 8:30am to 12am - 2017 Gfreds (20-55), including the 40 minute Gfred.

  • 30th Dec (Sunday) - 12am to 1am - 2017 Snowfreds (56-57), starting with the Christmas Day Gfred.

  • 30th Dec (Sunday) - 1am to 11:30am - Early 2018 Gfreds (58-80), starting with the current stream record.

  • 30th Dec (Sunday) - 11:30am to 8pm - Late 2018 Gfreds (81-99), starting with Slim Pickings I & II.

  • 30th Dec (Sunday) - 8pm to 10pm - The 100th second channel Gfred: Lapfred (3 laps).

The numbers above reference the numbers of each Gfred as shown on the new Historical Gfred Records spreadsheet, listing every Gfred on both channels as well as current solo world records. Click the button below to see that.

Gfred T-Shirt Giveaway

After the conclusion of the 100th Gfred I’ll be holding a giveaway for a beautiful Gfred T-Shirt (as shown below). It is size medium and will be open to anyone who is in the stream at the time of the giveaway. There is no way to enter beforehand. Click the image below if you’d like to buy one yourself.

More Gfred

Whether you want to see the entire Gfred playlist, have a better understanding of what Gfred is, or get the track links to try it yourself, you can find everything you need about Gfred by clicking the button below.