Broughy1322 Live Stream Event Week 2018

During September 2018 I'll be hosting a full week of live streams as part of a push to 1000 Twitch Subscribers special event.

Due to the event week officially starting on Monday and my regular streams happening on Saturdays & Sundays, it will actually be 9 days of streams, with 12 individual streams during that time!

We'll have giveaways with increased chances to win for Twitch subs, we'll do my first ever playthrough of Red Dead Redemption, and we'll generally have a lot of the usual live stream fun over the week!


All times are UK time. For more details see here.

  • 8th Sept (Saturday) - 9am to 3pm | 7pm to 9pm - Normal stream schedule (GTA) | YT track showcases.
  • 9th Sept (Sunday) - 7pm to 11pm - Normal stream schedule (GTA & Gfred).
  • 10th Sept (Monday)3pm to 7pm - Red Dead Redemption Playthrough.
  • 11th Sept (Tuesday)5pm to 9pm - Red Dead Redemption Playthrough.
  • 12th Sept (Wednesday) - 5pm to 9pm - A Way Out w/Zearxy & GMM-style blind taste test.
  • 13th Sept (Thursday) - 7am to 11am - GTA & Red Dead Redemption Playthrough.
  • 14th Sept (Friday) - 3pm to 7pm | 7pm to 8pm - Rock Band & RDR | Patreon stream (subs only).
  • 15th Sept (Saturday)9am to 3pm | 7pm to 9pm - Normal stream schedule (GTA & FiveM) | Podcast.
  • 16th Sept (Sunday)7pm to 11pm - Normal stream schedule (GTA & Gfred).

Giveaways & The Prize Wheel

During the streams on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th we'll have a prize wheel which will be spun for every 10 subs/resubs. Whatever the prize wheel lands on we'll do. It can be things in game such as playing Gfred or doing a no rules race, or drawing a giveaway prize!

If we draw a giveaway prize we'll then also use the wheel to determine which prize the winner has won. If you're in the stream when we draw a giveaway prize you'll have the option to re-spin the wheel up to two times if you want to gamble on winning a different prize to what you already got. If you're not in the stream you'll be given whatever prize the wheel first lands on.

The more entries you complete on the giveaway page the better your chances of winning, and subscribing on Twitch will greatly increase your chances. More info on ways to either subscribe (for free in some ways) or increase your chances of being gifted a subscription can be found below.

Ways To Subscribe

This event week of streaming is all being done in a big push to reach the crazy milestone of 1000 Twitch subscribers (this time last year we did the same in a push to 500 subs). By subscribing you get all the usual benefits such as permanent place in the stream crew and emotes in the chat, but you also get much increased chances to win in the giveaways we’ll be doing. If you want to subscribe there are many ways to go about it:

  • Subscribe for $5 directly on Twitch - This is the standard way to subscribe and you'll save a little bit of money if you do it on desktop instead of the phone app (as Google and Apple take their cuts which adds to the price). You can subscribe straight away with the link here:

  • Subscribe using Amazon Prime - If you already have Amazon Prime you can link your Twitch account to your Amazon account and get access to all the benefits of Twitch Prime. One of those benefits is a Twitch subscription to any channel, meaning you can subscribe without paying any extra over what you already pay for Amazon Prime.

  • Subscribe for free using Amazon Prime - This is the same as above, but you can actually sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime if you’ve never subscribed to it before. This gives you a month of Amazon Prime benefits, including Twitch Prime, for free, meaning you can basically subscribe on Twitch for no cost at all!

Of course it would be lovely if you want to continue subscribing after this (amazon prime users remember that unlike regular subscriptions, prime subscriptions don’t roll on month to month - you have to come back each month and manually subscribe) but you’re more than welcome to simply subscribe for just one month to get the extra entries and higher chances to win in the giveaways. Simply cancel anything you set up after you’ve subscribed. In terms of the actual mechanics of subscribing, all you have to do is click the “subscribe” button on the Broughy1322 Twitch page and you'll be presented with the available options. If you do this whilst the stream is live the notification will pop up and you’ll be thanked at the time as well! :)


Gift Subscriptions

Gift subscriptions are a feature where any user can give a Twitch sub to any other user, and sometimes to multiple at random in one go, up to 100 at a time. During September (and consequently this event week) if you have an active gift subscription you'll be able to extend your subscription for an extra month for just $1. So if you were given a gift sub in August and it's due to run out mid-way through this event week, you'll be able to extend it for a price that is 80% cheaper than usual if you'd like to. It's also worth remembering that gift subs can happen at any moment from generous users - if you're regularly in the streams watching/chatting you might get lucky and be chosen, even if you can't or don't want to subscribe yourself.

For those who may give out gift subscriptions, of course it would all help in this big push to 1000 subs and everything I say below about higher tier subs could quite easily be applied to gift subscriptions too (perhaps more so given it helps someone else in addition to just me). However I have never and will never expect gift subs - just like subscribing in the first place, it's absolutely never necessary. I'm just happy you're watching and enjoying!


Higher Tier Subscriptions

If you’re already subscribed on Twitch - thank you! Your consistent support is what has made this event week and push for 1000 subs even possible! If you want to do a bit extra to help reach that 1000 mark though there are a few options which involve higher sub tiers. I normally recommend against higher tiers because you don’t get as much benefit for your money, but if you’re thinking about putting in $5 worth of donations during the week anyway for example it might be better to increase your sub tier for a month instead.

  • Tier 1 ($5) subscriptions are the equivalent of 1 sub point

  • Tier 2 ($10) subscriptions are the equivalent of 2 sub points

  • Tier 3 ($25) subscriptions are the equivalent of 6 sub points

What this means is that whilst standard (and twitch prime) subscriptions count as 1 subscriber as you’d expect, subscribing at the Tier 2 level actually counts as 2, and subscribing at the Tier 3 level counts as 6. So 100 people subscribing at Tier 3 would actually give a 600 sub count despite there being nowhere near 600 actual subscribers. You absolutely don’t have to increase your subscription amount, and I’d recommend reverting it back to standard after this week if you do, but I figured it was worth mentioning at least. Thanks for your continued support! <3