Blaine County 24h

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With the picturesque Alamo Sea and the intimidating Mt Chiliad as a backdrop, this racing circuit carves a smooth path around the rolling hills of Blaine County and is regarded by many drivers as rivalling Circuit de la Sarthe in France as the ultimate test of endurance. This is a long, very high speed racetrack which punishes those who aren't giving it their full attention. Thanks to Evil, Scrazyy, MTK & Cynical.

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North Circuit

The North configuration of the Blaine County 24h racing circuit is located in very close proximity to Mt. Chilliad and is noted for its fast flowing sections. Despite being quite a short track, if you get the right lines around here you really can take the corners at significant speeds. It will be a challenge to do that correctly though.

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South Circuit

The South configuration of the Blaine County 24h racing circuit is characterised by two very long full throttle straights split up by the tight and twisty section of the track located just outside Sandy Shores. Corner exits onto those long straights will be very important here in addition to keeping the momentum as high as possible.

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Short Circuit

The Short configuration of the Blaine County 24h racing circuit lives up to its name by being the shortest variant available. Lap times are a little over a minute around here and it's also the most involved to navigate, winding its way through the streets of Sandy Shores. Very tight, very technical, and guaranteed to be action packed.

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Long Circuit

The Long configuration of the Blaine County 24h racing circuit is, contrary to its name, shorter than the full track. It is however the longest of all the variants & is also the fastest. This track dates back to the early days of racing around Blaine County where corners were few & average speeds were high. This circuit provides one hell of a thrilling ride for those brave enough.