The North Loop

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In the hills north of Los Santos lies a racing circuit. Technically a collection of public roads, its difficulty, likeness, and mythical status among racers around the world is rivalled only by that of the Nordschleife in Germany. It carves a merciless and demanding route through the hills that will have you gripping at the steering wheel for dear life. A perfect lap around here won't come easy. Thanks to Evil, Scrazyy, MTK & Cynical.

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East Circuit

The eastern half of The North Loop is home to the high speed downhill sections which make the circuit stand out from the crowd. Unlike the west section, the corners here are taken at high speeds and look deceptively simply. Practice is required to ace this variation.

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West Circuit

The western half of The North Loop usually experiences the majority of incidents. With tighter and more complex corners than the east section, you can't be quite as eager with the throttle around here. Patience and precision are the order of the day for this variation.