Community Verified Racing Circuits

Where you'll find some of the best GTA tracks available from the whole game community.

Hello all and welcome to "Community Verified". This is where a number of track testers from the community take race track submissions from across the GTA player base and rate them according to how good they are. The highest rated tracks become "Community Verified" and are consequently played on the GTA Race Track Showcase Live Streams, which happen on the first three Saturdays of each month at (rotating PS4 -> XB1 -> PC -> PS4, etc) in the order in which they were originally submitted.

Click below for a list of all Community Verified tracks, plus the scores of all tracks ever submitted to this program in order of their submission date.

Track Submissions

You can submit your tracks for consideration using the forms linked below. One form per platform is for regular racing circuits, with the other for Stunt, Rally, Off-Road, Transform, Arena, etc. You may submit one track per form during each platform’s wave.

Once submitted, assuming you've categorised and linked it correctly, your track will be tested and given a score based on the results from the testers, which will then subsequently be recorded on the aforementioned spreadsheet.

You can only submit one track per wave of submissions for each form. Submissions can be reset at any time (keep an eye on the live streams for news of when that has happened) and will inevitably happen more often for platforms with smaller numbers of submissions. Once a new submission wave has begun you can either re-submit a track you have submitted previously and improved on, or submit something new. Not submitting in one wave doesn't allow you to be able to submit more in the next.

Track Ratings

5 - Perfect, no need for improvement
4 - Very good, but can still be better with some small changes
3 - Usable, but still has much room for improvement
2 - Not an enjoyable experience, but can still be saved with many changes
1 - Bad, the opposite of what a track should do. Start over.
0 - Not rated (less than 30 players, incorrect link, mis-categorised, unplayable, etc)

All track testers give each track one of the above scores (scores of 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 & 4.5 can also be given). The average score is then calculated and shown on the aforementioned spreadsheet. A track must score an average of 4 or higher to be considered Community Verified and good enough to be in a showcase stream.

Tracks are being rated by their technical execution (how well made the track is) and by how far they go beyond just a basic layout on the map of San Andreas or being snapped together props. A track that is simply checkpoints placed around the map with zero props, or an assortment of stunt road pieces snapped together without much else, are unlikely to be rated highly. As are complicated creations with good imagination, but are executed poorly and don't lend themselves to a good racing experience. Having some original ideas, custom sections, and/or interesting visuals is what can set a track apart from others, but it won't be enough if there are a lot of issues with props, checkpoints, lampposts, etc.

If you have submitted a track that didn't make it or was rated poorly, your best bet is to join various racing or track creator communities and ask for feedback. This Discord channel is an example of one of them which includes some testers from this program. If you get involved with such places you'll always find people willing to try out your creation and explain what they feel could be improved as long as you're willing to do the same for others. The more you put in the more you get out, and getting feedback is vital to creating a good track.

The Submission Forms

This is to give a more clear description about the different categories you can submit your jobs under.

- Event Racing Track (Suitable for high level racing events w/pit lanes)
Meant for highly competitive tracks that are built to eliminate random factors like lampposts, demand a lot of skill from drivers and avoid narrow sections since they are supposed to work well in contact races with a lot of players. Pit lanes aren't required but highly desirable, and there should be nothing about the track which can affect the outcome of a race that isn't down to the driver.

- Regular Racing Track (Suitable for casual playlist races)
Meant for tracks where the focus is more on fun than competitiveness. Compared to the category above these tracks can be a lot easier, have some narrow sections that don't allow for overtaking, and be more leniant with covering dynamic props.

- Rally/Off-Road Track (Where more than 25% is off road)
Meant for tracks with a mix between regular roads/props and dirt sections, can be stunt or land races, may include jumps but not stunting.

- Stunt Racing Track (Tubes, jumps, etc)
Meant for tracks that feature stunts like jumps, wallrides, loops, tubes, etc but are still racing-focused.

- Transform Track (Includes transform checkpoints)
Meant for tracks that feature any kind of transform checkpoint functionality.

- Special Vehicle Track (Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000, etc)
Meant for tracks specifically made for one of the special vehicles.

- Themed Track (Karting, stadium, specific vehicles, etc)
Meant for tracks that are more thematic than anything else. Hints towards the theme are appreciated. This is the only category where a job with a player-cap lower than 30 people is acceptable alongside Transform Tracks.

- Arena Track (Using arena creator only)
Meant for tracks that are created solely using the arena creator, and incorporate arena race modes and features.

- Stunt Challenge Track (Challenge to just complete it)
Meant for tracks that feature stunts like jumps, wallrides, loops, tubes, etc with challenging sections that will likely demand multiple tries to complete.

- Old Style Track (Not using new stunt creator props)
Meant for land races, probably the least likely category to ever be featured.

- Air Race
Meant for races with planes.

- Sea Race
Meant for races with boats, obviously.

Thanks to Skirakzalus for the earlier version of this post during the days of the old submission system for the Content Creator Live Streams, and thank you to the many testers we have who help this program exist.